Gogo Griot, Your Power Story Coach

Are you a driven professional seeking clarity, courage, connection, and compassion? Look no further. I'm Gogo Griot (gree-oh), your power story coach. My name comes from the rich cultural heritage of South Africa and West Africa, where, respectively, "Gogo" means elder, healer and "Griot" is a master storyteller. With years of experience motivating change, I can help you transform from a state of uncertainty, insecurity, confusion, and negative self-talk to a state of clarity, courage, connection, compassion, fulfillment, and success.
My toolbox is filled with practices to help you manage stress, improve communication, start a business, make job or life changes,  strengthen your leadership skills, or deepen your spiritual practice. Drawing from the rich tradition of storytelling, using a variety of coaching methods, spiritual practices, and energy healing, I offer a unique approach that sets me apart.

I've had the privilege of working with corporations and non-profits, gaining valuable insights that can assist you in navigating challenges and achieving your personal, professional, and spiritual goals. As your coach, my role is to create a solid foundation of support, reflection, resources, motivation, and inspiration to empower you on your journey towards success.

Many years ago, while working as a registered nurse, I developed a groundbreaking concept: the personal power pyramid. This pyramid represents the complex connection of energy, ambition, upbringing, mindset, subconscious, and ancestry that shapes who you are. However, it was during a session with a group of teens that I discovered the true origin of your power story - your personal power. Your power story is the very essence of your being, the source of your path, and the manifestation of your true potential.
With my extensive experience in energy healing, online entrepreneurship, spiritual practice, and storytelling, I'm dedicated to walking with individuals and groups ready to realize your personal power and celebrate your power story. Let's connect and embark on a transformative journey together.  Let's chat.
Certifications: BetterUp Coaching; Life Coach; Reiki Master, Lisa Powers
Education: Summa cum Laude, BA - Communications/Storytelling
Associate Degree in Nursing.

"I am so grateful for your broad skillset to always, and without fail, help me identify a realization, an action plan, and/or a higher level of self-awareness." 

"I've really appreciated the time Gogo has taken to get to know me. She's learned my passions and the things that move me to action. We've focused on my purpose and it has been very impactful on my life thus far."
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