My mission is to help sustainability teams deepen connections, communicate compellingly, and collaborate successfully.
Welcome to the Power Story Experience, a powerful tool designed specifically to enhance interactions and drive results in sustainability teams. As a senior decision-maker, you understand the importance of personal growth and empowerment within your team, organization, or business.

A Power Story goes beyond a simple life narrative. It embraces the achievement of goals and unrealized dreams. The Experience nurtures reflection to realize your unique personal power. Without this awareness, team members, coworkers, and leaders may never realize their full potential.

The Power Story Experience combines the art of storytelling with expert coaching to create a supportive environment to foster individual power story development. Equipped with defining tools, engaging games, proven practices, and guided reflection, power stories come to life. When shared, these stories forge deeper levels of understanding, connection, communication, and ultimately collaboration.

Imagine a group of individuals who are not just aware of their power stories but also are actively implementing them. Together, they become a source of transformative, productive, and energetic results that drive your organization forward.

Are you ready to discover how the Power Story Experience can strengthen your team? Let's have a chat to explore the possibilities.
Meet Gogo Griot

Gogo Griot is an experienced storyteller who has captivated audiences with the transformative power of storytelling. From the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois, to the picturesque landscapes of Homer, Alaska, Gogo has traveled far and wide to share the magic of storytelling as a performance art, educational method, and tool for healing. Drawing on her expertise as a coach, Gogo understands the unique challenges individuals face in team work, which enriches the dynamic and impactful Power Story Experience.